Saturday, June 30, 2012


Mornings happen early here. Many of you know that I don't like to rise until after most people have had lunch if I can help it. But this is the second morning I've woken up early... not quite in time for the breakfast downstairs, but I only missed it by about fifteen minutes.

For the past few days, I've come to see how inappropriate my "England Journal" is, which is quite a shame, because I like it. But it's got these little ridges on the paper, which makes it (somehow even more) impossible to write in straight lines. My handwriting looks horrendous, and that makes it hard for me to want to write your standard artistic and pretentious journal entries (which we all know is the reason why anyone owns a journal).

Also, I'm an avid writer. Half the joy of it is owning a different set of blank pages and just knowing that the next few months of your life will be chronicled within it.

I'd also decided I wanted to buy tea in England. Y'know, be a tourist. But I wanted good tea. So I went back to Coven Garden, where I'd seen a few tea shops. The one I kept walking by when it was closed was The Tea House, and I returned at a reasonable hour. The other day, after the Englishman dropped me off in the middle of London, I'd wandered into a tea shop and enjoyed a cup of Rooibos Earl Grey, which was a fantastic combination idea. So I bought some plain rooibos tea and "Supreme" Earl Grey of my own. I just can't wait to have it, guys. You have no idea.

My camera broke yesterday. I plugged it into the adapter to charge, and forgot that different sets of voltage can be fatal to beloved appliances. But fear not! I got a new one. And without further ado:

One of the many stops on the London Underground, but my favorite, every time I hear it.

I made it to Trafalgar Square, where they were celebrating Canada Day. The amount of people here was just breathtaking. I sat at the fountain for fifteen minutes just overwhelmed by it all.

Ah, yes. The Big and Beautiful.

... simply my favorite view of London thus far.

You can't see it, but Victoria Tower is right in front of me. I sat with that view for about twenty minutes. I wrote in my journal, and marveled at how truly spectacular it is to be royalty in Great Britain. 

Ah, the windswept hair. A good look.

There will be more pictures, I'm sure. But my feet are unused to this amount of travel, and they whine at me to soak them or something.

Maybe I just need a good cup of tea.

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